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Revisiting 9/11, Betty Ong, and the Mystery of “Black Betty”

♫ Je vous parle d’un temps ♫ ♫ Que les moins de vingt ans ♫ ♫ Ne peuvent pas connaître ♫      Charles Aznavour I recall how, as a child, in my teens, and as a much younger man than now, people of the older generation would reminisce nostalgically about where they were when they heard that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. When such conversations arose, naturally, people of my generation would feel kind of left out. On the day in question, 11/22/1963, I myself was not yet born. In fact, I did not exist at all, since I was conceived about 4 months after that. It occurred to me recently that now, with 9/11, things have come full…